So·cial·ly  Fit / sōSHəlī fit/


Two Bloggers are SO much better than one. 

About Savannah

Savannah_HeadshotA wise woman once said, “exercise gives you endorphin’s. Endorphin’s make you happy.” Young Reese Witherspoon had a point. The rules of hair care are very important but knowing how to keep oneself happy and healthy (and from shooting their husbands) is worth the extra sweat. Savannah prefers a busy schedule and a full planner. Being fresh to the Dallas scene and looking to get involved, there were two things she jumped into. Philanthropy and fitness. With a rich background in volunteer work, she believes there is no better way to meet people than jumping into a new organization and working with others to give back to the community. Second to volunteering, she loves her endorphin. That being said, fitting in a workout can sometimes be difficult but there’s nothing more fulfilling that trying out a new workout or fitness studio.
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About Olivia 

Olivia_HeadshotAfter hanging up the pom poms and volleyball knee pads, Olivia has been exploring new ways to work out with the help of her best friend! Being Dallas born and raised, it only made sense to venture back to the big city to work by day and be a fitness blogger by night. Working and “working out” takes up most of her day. When she gets some spare time, Olivia enjoys nerding out or goofing off with her friends exploring new places around town. Her goal is to show others how much fun it can be to try new things and how to squeeze in a work out with a busy schedule.
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