New Year Must-Haves

Happy (belated) New Year! We’ve found some amazing products last year that we felt we needed to share! Below are some of our New Year must-haves to help us keep our fitness goals strong throughout 2018. Check them out!


Portable Razor
Every once in a while, we may forget to check our under arms before a workout or noticed we missed a spot. Not many of us carry around a razor in our bags. But the Sphynx razor is one we want to brag about! It’s compact, discrete and simple to use! Simply rotate the middle to spray a little water, use the mini soap bar, and shave.


Sphynx Razor
$14.99, refills $7.99
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Muscle Sticks
Relaxing muscles gets an upgrade with the Posh muscle sticks! Whether you like the heat with the Hot Pepper Sha-bang stick or keep it cool with the Just Chillin’ stick, these all-natural products will soothe all types of pains. Both sticks are infused with essential oils to relieve any aches. Apply where needed instant relief!

Perfectly Posh Hot Pepper Sha-bang! or Just Chillin’ Sticks
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Makeup Touch Up
Workouts can get sweaty and we don’t always have time to go home to apply a new face. Girls on the go need a quick and easy touch up! The Colorflo foundation by Susan Posnik is the best compact touch up stick. This weightless, mineral foundation offers amazing water and sweat resistant coverage before and after workouts.


Susan Posnik COLORFLO Foundation
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Big O Key Ring
There’s so many things you have to carry around and to the gym. We don’t have enough hands! And some of our favorite workout clothes don’t exactly have pockets. Go hands free with the Big O Key Ring! The big ring can easily slip on your wrist or secured over your elbow. Attach your keys to the clasp or O-Venture’s card case for quick access to IDs or credit cards.

O-Venture Big O Key Ring
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Fitness Tracker
Is anyone out there counting each step? Who’s got time for that!? Don’t worry, there’s some great tech for that. Each of us has tried the Fitbit and Misfit fitness trackers, and they each have similarities and differences. They both track your steps, sleeping habits, and phone alerts. Depending on the style of Fitbit, your metrics are displayed on a small screen. The Misfit, however, is either a sleek bar or has more of a watch-like appearance. Either fitness tracker goes with with anyone’s style!

Starting at $60
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Starting at $80
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Gym Bag
You’re going to need something to carry all of these amazing products in! You know, since we keep mentioning they all fit perfectly in a gym bag. One of our favorite bags are from Sol and Selene. Whether you’re more into a bag or backpack style, small or large, they have tons of styles and colors to choose from! These durable bags are waterproof and perfect from travelling from work to the gym.

Sol and Selene
Starting at $80
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