Get Hoppin’ with StudioHop

We live in a city that even though its enormous, everything is still a HOP, skip and a jump away including our workouts thanks to StudioHop, business creator and owner Natalie Wolfe. Three years ago, she woke up and realized our city (and others) needed an easy and affordable way to enjoy fitness and studio diversity. StudioHop was born.

Since the creation, the business has taken on hundreds of studios in not just Dallas, but also San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. We can’t wait to see where we can Hop to next! Memberships are in three simple categories: 4 classes for $50, 8 classes for $110, and Unlimited for $135. Basically, StudioHop is giving back to many of us what Class Pass took away, UNLIMITED STUDIO HOPPING!

Surprisingly, all of this information isn’t anything new to us but we can report on some exciting news from StudioHop. They now have an ever-helpful App for iPhone and Androids! Now, you can learn about your area’s studios and book them with just a few clicks of your phone screen. We were lucky enough to get a tutorial from Natalie herself! We also learned that StudioHop Members not only get classes and an App but also Member Perks. These are awesome extras that all members can generously use, such as discount codes to Bandier, UberEats, POK, I am the Juice Place and soooo many more.

Honestly, we love supporting local girl bosses and why not, when the benefits are so high! If you’re ready to get hopping too, join us and use this code “sociallyfithop” for a $20 off your first month’s membership at Studio Hop. Hop to it! Expires 5/31/17.




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