CorePower : C2 – Preston Forest

Location: 11700 Preston Rd #800, Dallas, TX 75230
Difficulty: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

When the details about the C2 or Yoga 2 class says “yoga experience is a plus”, they really mean it! This was a sweaty and intense workout! Since we’ve been to quite a few yoga classes around town, we thought we could get easily get through a Yoga 2 class. Not exactly, but it was an incredible stretch! Just a little challenging for us.

The CorePower location at Preston Forest is big studio! They have lots of room at the front desk to hang out before and after class or shop their large retail selection. As you go down the hall, you can peek into the two class rooms. The bathrooms and cubbies are in the back of the studio. Locks are available too. There are also several showers since most classes are heated from 92-103 degrees, expect for C1, C1.5 and CoreRestore.

The C2 class started with a quick warm up to get our bodies going before the deep stretches. The flow was quickly paced with upbeat music. Many poses were familiar from classes we have taken before like chaturanga, fallen triangle, chair pose, and the warriors. However, there were some new poses that really stretched our hips and shoulders like half lotus to full lotus, bird of paradise, and crow pose. A bit difficult for us!

By the end of class we were sweaty messes! Lots of water and a large towel is definitely recommended for the heated classes! We’ll be heading back soon, but maybe trying the C1.5 and working up to getting into C2 again.


Crowd: Experienced yogis in this room! Very friendly and comfortable environment

Bring: Yoga mat, towel and water!

Amenities: Bathroom with showers and lockers, two studio rooms

Target: Full body stretch

Equipment: 1 or 2 blocks for support and yoga mat

Boutique: Yes – tons of tops, pants and accessories 

Cost: First week FREE! Single class $22, class packages starting at $104, and unlimited membership for $139/month



*featured image from CorePower Yoga Instagram

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