Solidcore – Knox Henderson

Location: 4630 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205
Difficulty: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Slow and Steady wins the race! At Solidcore its all about slow and steady movements throughout a 50 minute class. This studio was founded by CEO Anne Mahlum back in 2013 with its first location in Washington D.C. Now we’re lucky enough to say we have the very first location in TEXAS! We’re so excited they get to call Dallas home. The studio features 11 Sweatlana machines, aka Soildcore’s very own customized reformer.

Designed to push your own limits, Solidcore’s goal is to create the strongest version of ourselves. With slow, small movements on the Sweatlana, each class mixes up the routine for a full body work out every single time! There are 8 sets of springs, instead of the typical 6 a Pilates reformer would have, this machine also has two stationary platforms at each end. It also includes a compartment to hold a small range of dumbbells and resistance bands on each end of the platforms. This workout is like Pilates on crack and will kick your butt!! At least it did ours…

Tips: Use your towel! Things definitely get sweaty up in there and your hands will need it. Also, try to arrive 10 minutes early to class so that the instructor can explain the machine to you.

Crowd: Pilates lovers looking for more. 

Bring: Water.

Amenities: Changing area, lockers, towels

Target: Abs, arms, back, legs and seat

Equipment: Small weights, resistance band, Sweatlana machine

Boutique: Yes – tops and yoga pants

Cost: First class $15, drop in rate $32, memberships starting at $125



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