Social Mechanics – Lower Greenville

Location: 2010 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206
Difficulty: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Welcome to Social Mechanics! This place isn’t your average gym. At first glance, the heavy weights and athletic clientele might have you thinking your about to jump into a CrossFit workout but we have some news for you…you won’t be. Social Mechanics, as intimidating as it may appear, is not a cross fit studio. Sorry cross fit junkies. Instead, they are a breed all on their own. Once upon a time, the owners of HG Sply. Co & the owners of Social Mechanics collided, with the motivation to live a healthier lifestyle but be social at the same exact time. They created what Dallasites know and love as HG & Social Mechanics.

With a background in CrossFit and personal training, Social Mechanics was born. In hopes that the gym would create a social atmosphere for those looking for more than a 24 hour fitness but less of the intimidation factor of CrossFit. We hear this all of the time but the hardest part of a new workout is walking into the studio, once you’ve walked in, social mechanics takes over and you can expect to be treated like family from that point on! We’re not even joking friends, people have met their best friends and even significant others from joining this gym!

We jumped all in and joined the 8 am Advanced class on a Saturday morning. If you’re like us, and finding a work out schedule is sometimes hectic but you can fit in an 8 am Saturday morning, fear not! The word advanced is only for those veterans. You’ll warm up at a group, possibly a quick jog around the block, but then the trainers will instruct everyone in the direction needed to modify the work out for your limits! As far as the work out goes, expect elementary MECHANICS done right! Jumping jacks, sprints, sit ups, push ups, lunges, basically everything you already know how to do but better!

Tips: Come early and make friends with everyone you meet! Also grab brunch at HG Sply Co. afterwards!

Crowd: The Athletic type trying to achieve a goal and looking for a support system

Bring: Water. They do supply water bottles if you forget one! 

Amenities: Lockers for your bags and items 

Target: Abs, arms, back, legs and seat

Equipment: Weights of all kinds from the lightest to the heaviest 

Boutique: No. 

Cost: First time is FREE! Drop in rate is $20 or buy a t-shirt, memberships start at $165





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