FitTea : 28 Day Detox

We’re seeing everyone drinking Fit Tea! Celebrities like Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Ashley Benson and other Pretty Little Liars stars, Bella Thorne (The Duff), and of course the Kardashians! Even fitness models, makeup artists and everyday people. So Olivia decided to give it a try!

Initial Thoughts:
What’s in this tea? Is it really going to help me? Am I going to spend most of my time in the bathroom? I first thought it was going to be similar to the dieter’s tea that they sell in grocery stores and I was going to regret ever drinking it. (I can say now that’s not true!)

The front of the bag says the tea helps to promote fat burning and weight loss, improves you immune system, and soothes and cleans your digestive system. Okay, that all sounds pretty great! Especially since I am starting to work harder on my fitness journey to lose a few more pounds and overall help my body feel better.

– Rooibos | anit-inflammatory, aids respiratory and blood circulation, boosts digestion, improves skin and healthy hair
– Green Tea | increase fat burning, protect your brain, improves skin, aids against health diseases and cancers
– Ginger | reduce muscle pain and soreness, anti-inflammatory, help indigestion
– Oolong | boosts metabolism, increase alertness, aids digestion, strengthens immune system
– Pomegranate
– Stevia
– Guarana | promotes weight loss, reduce mental and physical fatigue
– Citric Acid
– Sea Salt (electrolytes)
– Lemon Juice
– Honey
– Matcha Green Tea | antioxidants, helps memory and concentration, increase energy, burns calories, detoxifies the body, boosts immune system
– Garcinia Cambogia Extract | promotes weight loss, aids digestion

All of these ingredients sound good for your body, so I wasn’t too worried when trying it out. I still had my doubts and fears but started my 28 day detox.

While Drinking:
I prefer to drink hot tea so I boiled my water and threw in the first bag. You can also drink the tea cold. I’m not sure if it’s the ginger or the matcha green tea that sticks out, but it does have a strong taste. If those things bother you, then this might not be the tea for your or just drink it fast. However, it tastes pretty great! The bag says to drink the tea in the morning with or without breakfast or before a workout. I chose to make it my morning drink, replacing coffee.

Over the first seven days, I could feel changes in my body. I felt less fatigued, less bloated, suppressed appetite and becoming more regular in the bathroom. (Nothing like dieter’s tea! It was healthy movements.) After the second week I started feeling more changes. I had more energy and concentration throughout the day. I also noticed that my body was feeling cleaner and workouts were a little easier, and I didn’t feel as sore the next days. I have not noticed any weight changes but I’m staying hopeful. The last two weeks were the same with feeling better and cleaner inside.

After Drinking:
It was a great tea! Although, I didn’t exactly lose any extra pounds… I did overall feel healthier and better on the inside, more energy and focus throughout the day, and not quite as sore after heavy workouts. I would recommend giving the tea a try, for sure! Especially if you trying to be healthier or flush your system.

What are your thoughts on trying it out? How did you feel after the detox? We would love to know!

14-day detox tea $25, 28-day detox tea $45
If you prefer coffee, 14 K cups $25
Body wraps to tighten and tone $30


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