We Yogis : We Sculpt – Uptown

Location: 1700 Cedar Springs Rd #110, Dallas, TX 75202
Website: uptown.weyogis.com
Difficulty: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

We weren’t quite prepared for this incredibly spicy workout! Think of hot vinyasa yoga and adding weights with isometric holds and pulses. What!? It’s a little exhausting just remembering the workout, but we can imagine how amazing you could look and feel after taking a few more classes!

We Yogis is a big studio for Uptown! It’s on the corner of Cedar Springs and Akard (which the area is currently under construction) but there’s a parking garage behind the studio. When you sign in, they will let you know which room you’ll be in. Yes, they have two rooms! The only downside is the large concrete pole in the middle of the larger room. But if you like to keep on eye on your things, there are cubbies inside both rooms.

For the We Sculpt class, we grabbed a yoga block and two sets of weights. The class started with a warm up in different yoga poses, but we moved fast! Then it was time to grab those weights for small pulses and large range motions. We did bicep curls in tree pose, lifts in star pose, and rows in warrior 1. It gave the feel of hot yoga but felt like strength training! We switched between weights and flow throughout the class before ending with a cool down in shavasana.

MJ, the instructor, was a great mix between relaxation and mindfulness to jokes and motivation! He made the class fun and energetic. We probably wouldn’t have made it through without him, and the breaks in between.

It’s definitely intense when you think of a yoga class, but it’s hard to argue knowing how great it felt the next day! If you’re looking for strength and toning while unwinding and finding your center (quite the mix) but then this is the perfect class for you!

Tips for yoga sculpt:
– You’ll get super sweaty so don’t forget to grab a towel
– Water is a must!
– Take it slow if you need to, it’s your practice


Crowd: Mix of beginners and more experienced yogis

Bring: Water and a towel! BYOM or borrow theirs, towels available in studio

Amenities: Two rooms in the studio, large bathrooms with room for changing and showers, cubbies all of the studio and inside the rooms

Target: Abs, arms, legs and seat

 Yoga mat, block, two sets of weights

Yes – tops and yoga pants, Holy Kombucha on tap

Single class $22, memberships starting at $130-145 (depending the location)



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