Olivia : Surviving Spring Break

Spring Break. An unknown phrase in the adult world. But with 40 rollover PTO hours, I was able to take one! However, spring break comes with a lot of temptations! Beer. Fried foods. Netflix.

The week before my spring break (aka hanging out with my husband in Lubbock), I did really good! I ate fairly clean and worked out regularly. Savannah made me a tasty whole 30 meal. When I was in Lubbock, healthy options become harder to come by.

I didn’t have the luxury of ClassPass during spring break, but I was able to do my at home workout I created for myself. It kept me at least a little active! When we did go out to eat, I tried to limit the amount I ate when it was unhealthy and tried finding healthier options on the menu. I did have a few beers! Of course, I had to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day since I am a small percent Irish!

The at home workout has been great! It makes me feel better when I’m not able to make it to the gym or studio. I definitely felt sore the day after since I was working muscles I don’t typically use during my usual classes. I have also noticed differences since I started drinking FitTea. I’m about halfway through the 28 day detox. My appetite has decreased and I’m starting to crave healthier foods, my stomach problems with food have been better, and I feel cleaner on the inside. I have also started taking LipoRUSH, a fat burner that should help me reach my weight loss goal faster. (Strawberry Lemonade flavor is available at GNC.) I’ve been taking it less than a week so I have not seen results yet, but staying positive! I have also recently started a part-time job at Pure Barre. It should help me stick to my workout goal of four a week when one of the perks is free classes!

Current weight: 133 lbs
Current body fat: 27%

Goal weight: 125 lbs
Goal body fat: 21-24%


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