Altitude Fitness : Aerial Hammock – Frisco

Address: 6726 West Main Street, #400, Frisco, TX 75033
Difficulty: ūüĆüūüĆüūüĆü

Altitude Fitness got our feet off the ground and made flip out for their aerial hammock class! Literally. Altitude is a boutique studio featuring several different aerial and pole classes. We were flying high and feeling like a mermaid. Literally in mermaid pose.

The class starts off with 15 minutes of deep stretches to loosen up. Don’t be afraid to flip upside down! The first pose has you literally hanging! (Sorry, can’t remember the name) But it’s a great starting position to feel comfortable with the hammock and helping you to trust your body. It can be a little nerve wrecking to jump upside for the first time, but it quickly gets easier!

Throughout the class we tried a few other poses – pigeon, mermaid and diaper – each a little harder than the last! The instructor will demo and explain each pose before having the students try. The goal is to get practice¬†each pose several times to understand how to get in, hold the pose and get back out. There were both beginning and intermediate students in this class, each cheering each other on. It was fun to see everyone’s skills and all possible new poses to learn next class!

Tips for the aerial hammock class:
– Be sure to stretch good – it’s mostly an upper body and arm workout
– Wear leggings because shorts are not allowed
– Don’t be afraid of battle scars! You may see bruises the next day
– It’s a small studio so you may be sharing you hammock*

*The studio is moving to a much larger location in June 2017 and will have more spaces for students in each class and several rooms for classes.

Crowd:¬†Friendly and welcoming, most clients were on the younger side around mid to early 20’s

Bring: Water, leggings only with a tighter top

Amenities: Current studio has one bathroom and cubbies

Target: Upper body and arms, abs, legs

Equipment: Hammock (provided)

Boutique: Yes – tops and bras, pole grip and knees pads, other misc items

Cost: Pole or aerial $25 for single class, crossover $15 for single class, bundles start at $85



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