Gaia Flow Yoga : Uptown

Location: Uptown, 3000 Blackburn St #140B, Dallas, TX 75204
Difficulty: 🌟🌟🌟

Welcome Yogis! Feeling a little spicy but still in need of a great stretch? This is the place to go! Gaia Flow Yoga has three DFW locations and seven different types of classes, all in heated rooms of 92-95 degrees. This company is wonderful in many ways but one thing we love about it, is that their instructors want to work with your schedule. Offering classes from 6 am to 9 pm, Sunday through Sunday and even on holidays, there is no reason why even the busiest yogi can’t try this class out!  

We personally love starting out our Friday nights with the Desert Class at 6:30 pm. After a long week of intense workouts, we believe there is nothing better than starting your weekends off with a great stretch. This class is great for all levels of yogi experience, even the not so flexible.

At the beginning of every 60 minute class, the instructor welcomes the group with a lesson applicable to life the fits with the week’s mantra to help each yogi focus on their daily practice. Gaia Flow believes in sharing the love and creating a studio of family, so every time you walk into the studio you’ll feel the love and encouragement your instructor is transferring to you personally!


Each class will be a little different, depending on difficulty. Gentle Waves focuses on a healing and meditative vinyasa flow to explore and refine foundational poses. Desert is a slow paced vinyasa flow focused on flexibility and detoxification with twists, binds, holds and balancing poses. Ocean is a faster paced vinyasa flow that stimulates your metabolism and emphasizes cardiovascular conditioning and endurance. Mountain is a fun power based vinyasa flow that increases strength and improves technique and form. There are seven different classes fit for a wide variety of practices.

The end of the class has a special touch! The instructor will walk around with peppermint lotion to hold above your nose to breathe in deep to relax your body and mind before giving a small shoulder massage.

Bring your mat, some water and get ready to sweat! You’ll be refreshed and ready to hit the Uptown scene once you leave!

Tips for hot yoga:
– Get there early, class tends to fill up quickly
– Bring a towel! You’ll get sweaty
– Push yourself to deepen your stretch each time


Crowd: Mix between beginners and more experienced yogis

Bring: Water and a towel, BYOM or borrow theirs

Amenities: Bathrooms with showers and room the change, cubbies are inside the bathroom

Target: Abs, arms, legs and hips

Equipment: Yoga mat and block

Boutique: Yes – tops and yoga pants

Cost: First time $15 or drop in for $21, memberships start at $49+


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