Olivia : No More Excuses

Do you ever wake up one morning and decide no more? No more excuses for why I can’t do something, why I can’t wake up early, why I can’t make a workout, why I can’t put down the fried chicken. Okay, that last one may just be my problem!

It’s now March and I’ve lost 7 pounds this year… which is great! But when everyone can safely lose 1-2 pounds per week on exercise and diet alone, I should be much closer to my goal weight already.

Recently, I have not been great about my eating habits, which needs to change. Hint the feeling of waking up and saying no more. I’ve noticed that when I keep tracking of my meals on my Fitbit or in a journal, I feel more guilty about writing down the unhealthy foods. That guilt helps keep me away from them too! So I’m going to add keeping better track of my meal to my goals.

I follow several daily workout accounts and put together a simple routine. I’m hoping to knock it out in the mornings, since morning workouts have great benefits. That way, I’ll also feel like I got in a good workout when I can’t make it to the studio. It will be a good addition to my 3-4 workouts per week!


I don’t know if I will see many changes after adding the mini workout and meal tracking (to help with better eating habits) after two weeks, but we will see!

Last week, I was able to reach my 4 workout goal, try a new studio, and reach the 10K step goal! It was great momentum to help keep me motivated throughout the month!

Current weight: 133 lbs
Current body fat: 27%

Goal weight: 125 lbs
Goal body fat: 21-24%




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