Travel : NYFW ’17 & Studio B Review

I’m exhausted. So much that I wasn’t so sure when I would get this post up but here it is!

A little over a week ago, I was in New York City for my very first fashion week. Never underestimate your luck (Or Your Best Friends Luck) in winning raffles prizes. Back in October, this friend of mine and I bought tickets to the fashion nights hosted by F.I.G in Dallas. I even wrote a review back then on the social event here. We entered into a raffle hosted by CND Nail Lacquer and Ulta. Well come to find out we won! Air fair, hotel, ground transportation and admittance into two fashion shows was all paid for. This post on the other hand was not, but I want y’all to know about a few of the amazing things that happened on my trip so that you can incorporate them into yours if you are ever traveling to NYC! Having visited NYC before and doing all of the touristy things, we ventured out.

Have you seen majority of the Broadway shows and are still looking for something to do for an evening? Look to see what is showing at the Lincoln Center by the New York Ballet. We found amazingggg seats for probably less than you’re going to spend for two at a nice dinner in NY and the experience was beautiful.


Interested in attending Fashion Week but not a raffle winner? Fashion Week is very small and mostly closed off to buyers, press and influencers. But we did learn two things: you can reach out the press contact of the brand you want to see & you can wait outside the venue in hopes that they need to fill open seats of those that didn’t show up.

Has your facebook been blown up by posts and videos of the newest foodie opportunity, I’m a major foodie, so I had to go find this crazy place. Location right next to NYU in So Ho, there’s a little shop that sells cookie dough by the scoop! With a menu of different favorites, you can eat gluten free, vegan, safe to consume cookie dough. It’s safe I swear! The eggs are pasteurized and the flour is heat treated. Tip: The store open at 10 am, arrive at 9:45 am because the line of people will start across the street and when they sell out, they close for the day.img_1367

Eating and drinking with no limitations on vacation but feeling a tad guilty? Go book a class at Studio B! The studio offers classes mostly in the morning so its easy to start your day out with a work out. Its located above the Bandier store on 5th Ave. The cost depends on the class ($25-$35) because Studio B isn’t a one exercise kind of studio, it brings in instructors from all of the hottest studios. We took Akin’s Upper Body & Abs Bootcamp and loved it! It’s such an hour long class of just that! The ratio of men and women is about 50/50 which is way different from the studio scene in Dallas. Equipment used: 5 lb, 8 lb, 10 lb and 13 lb dumbbells, Yoga mat, gliders. Get there early, class fills up fast! Lockers and towels are supplied but bring water! Shop Bandier afterwards 🙂

Staying Time Square and wanting to splurge on a nice dinner? Make reservations at The Lambs Club. Its a very swanky steak house with a 1920’s atmosphere and decor. The menu isn’t cheap but you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu including the Baked Alaska!

Shopping in So Ho and want to visit somewhere with Texas Vibes? Stop by the Outdoor Voices store! It’s officially their first store in New York that isn’t a pop up. Its beautiful and the selection is huge. Not to mention, everyone already has a love for your home state and can help you find just what you’re looking for. Have you tried their new seamless leggings?? TO DIE FOR.


Lastly, before going on any vacation, do your nails! Personally, I was raised by a mom and grandmother that are firm believers in having manicured nails all of the time. A hand shake is your first impression on someone, so it better be a pretty one! But not until now, did I realize how much impact nails have on a runway show. I had no idea, the design of a tiny nail could bring together an entire story line of a design, but guess what? It absolutely does. Part of the fun of the fashion shows we went to, was getting to meet and mingle with CND Nail Lacquer Co-Founder Jan Arnold. She was by far the sweetest and most down to earth person we had met all week. We had so much fun with her! During these shows, nails were extravagant. They were hand stitched, bejeweled and hand painted. Nail art is a huge trend right now and thanks to the CND you can bring the professional nail look to your home at an affordable price that lasts and lasts!



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