Savannah : Gluten free, What?!

New year, New #fitnessgoals right? Wrong.

Year after year, I have joined the trend of making new years resolutions and quickly after I learned that that resolution wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to stick to! So, this year I made no resolutions.


Hi, my name is Savannah, the other half of the Socially Fit, and I’ve HAD NO NEW YEARS RESOLUTION. I’ve been thinking about this for some time now, how can I better myself and my fitness goals if I’m not participating in a new year’s resolution? And after much consideration, I’ve come up with this: I don’t want to make a resolution, something that cuts me off completely from my bad habits but I want to make a gradual change, something that betters my lifestyle a little bit every day until gradually I am living exactly how I should be in, in a perfect world that is.

So here’s a small piece of how I am where I am today, fitness wise.
I am 5 ft 3 in, size 2 and my weight varies between 110 lbs and 117 lbs. Although I have hit times in the 120’s, my frame has always been on the more petite side my entire life. As fitting as it is, my family nickname is NANO, because among other reasons, I am nano-sized. I have always been perfectly happy with my body, even though I wasn’t blessed with a Victoria Secret Angel’s legs. Sigh.
In grade school, I never worked out and tried my hardest to stay away from all sport activities. For most this would be disappointing but I consider it an accomplishment. I hated running, sweating, or getting yelled at by any coach. Then college happened, the Freshman 15 wasn’t really much of a worry yet, since out dining options on campus were pretty health conscious but then sophomore year hit me. With all types of new stresses, I quickly learned that an evening spent on the treadmill at my apartment gym was one less evening spent upset about school, roommates, sorority sisters, boys, you name it. Fitness became my outlet for frustration and it has remained this way!
If there’s one thing you notice in that snippet of my background, it’s that diet has never played a huge role in my life. I love to eat, eat well and try new things but I’ve never held myself back! Last year, I went on cleanse. After the first week of removing red meat, gluten, and dairy from your diet, you slowly get to add back one area into your diet in hopes that you figure out how your body reacts to those trigger foods. Needless to say, from that cleanse I learned my body has frenemies named gluten & dairy! Since then I have become more aware of what I’m eating but holding back hasn’t really been a top priority lately.

For the next month on Socially Fit, I plan on showing y’all how I’m going to change up my lifestyle for the better and better my body! We’re going to do this together, as I cut out the bad and struggle with my love of cheese, greek yogurt for breakfast, and the occasional pastry. A fitness journey doesn’t have to be about changing the way your body looks, but how your body feels! For a hint to what you should expect next week, visit our instagram 🙂



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