iV Bars – Addison

Location: 4101 Centurion Way, Addison, TX 75001
Website: ivbars.com

Typically when we go to bars, it’s doesn’t involve needles… but this one’s a little bit different! Plus this one is more of an after drinking (or working out) type of bar. IV therapy helps to replenish all of the vitamins, minerals, fluids and amino acids back into your body quickly!

Since I typically work out four times a week and have a busy lifestyle, they recommended that I try the Recovery IV. After a quick wellness survey and taking by blood pressure, I was getting hooked up. I only felt a little pinch while getting set up! I felt a little silly afterwards because I was nervous to bend or move my arm too much. Safe to say I’m not exactly used to needles. When the fluids started, I couldn’t feel a thing which helped put my mind at ease. My fingers got a little cold near the end, but a few wiggles warmed them back up quickly.

I could feel the effects from the IV pretty fast! Although, they said it can take up to 12 hours to feel the full effects. The next day I woke up feeling incredible! I had a good night’s sleep, felt hydrated and was able to focus more throughout the day. My sore muscles were also more relaxed after the treatment. On the third day, I felt just as great! I had an intense workout and could still feel the benefits of the IV! I started feeling the benefits wear off around the fifth day.

iV Bars also offers Infrared H20 sauna, Ozone therapy and Cryotherapy services.

Memberships are $49/month with no contracts. IVs are 50% off and add-ons are $12.99. On-site visits are $75+ up to 25 miles plus the cost of your cocktail.


  • Wait 12 hours to exercise after getting an IV
  • The Liver Cleanse IV is great to do before starting a juice cleanse
  • Benefits from the Diet & Detox IV are best if done 1X a week for 6 weeks
  • The Performance IV is best for athletes or heavy exercisers


*Additional pictures provided by iV Bars Facebook

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