Olivia : Better Than Acceptable

Finally feeling healthy and getting closer to my weekly goals! I was able to workout at the studio three times a week. I hit my usual suspects, but I wanted to shake up my routine a bit by trying out two new studios! I tried out aerial silks, which was extremely difficult and required way more upper body strength than I had. I also tried a pole class and loved it! I had such an amazing time and couldn’t wait to go back for our community class. I felt so confident!

One of the hardest things about sticking with working out is doing the same thing over and over. Which is why I love using ClassPass so I’m able to mix it up when I want to! I want to try to hit up a new studio at least once every other week. Unfortunately, when I travel back to Lubbock it’s not available.

While my husband is finishing his last semester, I travel back and forth to spend time with him for at least one week every month. It gets a little tough since I don’t have access to a gym or the extra cash to visit the few studios each time I’m in town. I’m not the best at working out on my own either and I’m easily persuaded to eat out more. That’s when I hit my low point of my New Year’s resolution and my goal before heading out on the cruise. Next step, getting better when I’m in Lubbock!

Before I left, I weighed myself and measured my body fat percentage so I could track my changes. I’m maintaining around the same weight since mid-January, so I need to step it up!

Current weight: 135 lbs
Current body fat: 27%

According to the calculator I used, my body fat percentage is “acceptable”. Acceptable. That word sucks and doesn’t feel good. I’m going to use that word as my motivation to get better at my eating habits and push myself to get to my goals by June!

Goal weight: 125 lbs
Goal body fat: 21-24%


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