Pure Barre : Preston Hollow

Location: Preston Royal, 6025 Royal Ln #203, Dallas, TX 75230

Tuck. Hold. Repeat. These are only a few on the common terminologies you are guaranteed to hear while attending a Pure Barre class. Interesting fact: The creation of the pure barre method began in the basement of business building, where the creator hosted small classes of women, training them to use small isolated ballet movements. Since 2001, Pure barre has established over 325 franchises in the nation, making it the most popular barre studio created. We tuckers definitely understand why!

The classes are designed to concentrate on the areas women struggle with the most – hips, thighs, seat, abs and arms. Each class begins with a small warm up in the middle of the room to get your body moving. Then you move over to the ballet bar to work on those small isometric movements and hold, or tucks! The trick is to push your body until you feel yourself shaking. Don’t worry – those shakes mean you’re doing it right and turning creating those long, lean muscles. While at the bar, you may use the small bar or resistance band depending on the instructor. Next step is working out your arms with small weights before finishing the class by strengthen your core with planks and crunches.

With a three star rating for sweatiness, you won’t walk out of this studio dripping of perspiration and your work day’s worth of make up. You might feel a little sore in the morning though!

Pure Barre is recommended for all age women, and all body types as well. We love Preston Hollow for its extremely helpful instructors, that make an effort to learn everyone’s name on day 1 and encourage each of us throughout every class. If you can’t make it to that side of town, don’t fret! Out of those 325 studios, sixteen of them are in the DFW area! Happy Tucking everyone!

Tips for Pure Barre:
– Let your body shake! The shake is your body changing
– Don’t be afraid to ask for help – tucks are hard your first time
– Check the mirror or your neighbors for the right posture


Crowd: Friendly and welcoming, all ages are welcome and all women!

Bring: Water and wear a form-fitting athleisure 

Amenities: Dressing room and cubbies in the room, bathrooms are in the back of the studio

Target: Abs, arms, back, legs and seat

Equipment: Small weights, ball and resistance band (all provided)

Boutique: Yes – yoga/barre clothing and accessories

Cost: $25 single class or membership rates of $59+




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