Studio 6 : Mega Pilates – Park Ln.

Location: The Shops at Park Lane, 8180 Park Lane, Suite 343 Dallas, TX 75231

We’ve never heard the terms “scrambled eggs” and “reverse mermaid” during a workout before, but there’s always a first time for everything! But with Studio 6’s promise of feeling a difference in your body with only six sessions, how can you argue?

The Mega Pilates class brings a whole new toughness to your Pilates workout. The class is designed to quickly and safely strengthen and tone your body with isometric strength training movements and cardio. Each class is 50 minutes, but you’ll quickly feel your muscles burning and shaking in 10!

The whole workout is on their patented Megareformer machine, which can look a little intense. It’s not as bad as it seems! Each class is a little different, but contains mostly similar moves to give you a great full body workout. Standing on the machine, start with lunges, squats and planks. The slower the movement and hold, the better. Each range of motion is based on 3 or 4 counts to lengthen and tone your body. Moving to side crunches to strengthen your abs. We did side crunches and Russian twists using the carriage. The instructor will tell you to add or remove the resistance springs throughout the workout. If the resistance becomes difficult, feel free to remove some of the springs to best benefit your body. The last part of the workout is arms, including bicep curls and full extensions using the resistance of the carriage.

There are always a couple pros in the studio, in case you need to check your neighbor to make sure you’re doing each movement right. The instructor also walks around the class for any hands on adjustments. We had some difficulty our first time, so don’t worry!

We had a blast during the workout and definitely felt sore the next day! The studio was very welcoming and the staff was super friendly. We’ll be grabbing our sticky socks and coming back to check out that six class difference!

Class Size: 12

Amenities: Cubbies, restroom, showers

Equipment: Megareformer machine and sticky socks

Boutique: Yes- tops, yoga pants, sticks socks, hairbands, and Oventure bracelets!

Cost: 6 intro sessions for $99! Packages starts at $150

Target Areas: Total body – core, arms, legs!




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