Extend Fitness : Pole – Lower Greenville

Location: Lower Greenville, 1921 Greenville Ave B, Dallas, TX 75206

We’re used to stepping out of our comfort zones so we decided to try out pole dancing with Extend Fitness! Pole fitness can make you feel fit and sexy, while burning between 400-500 calories. Think you don’t have enough upper body strength? We didn’t either, but that’s no excuse to try something new or have a great time with friends!

We got to the studio a little early, so we loosened up with a quick drink across the street at HG Sply. Extend can be a little hidden, but look for the bright blue door to lead you upstairs to the studio. Once you open those doors, there’s no turning back! From a great time, that is!

The class started with a long warm up with stretches, lunges and yoga-based movements. In this intro class, we learned three spins – basic spin/bow, Indian bow/ankles crossed, and around the world. Our instructor, Kristen, demonstrated each move then broke it out step-by-step before we tried it ourselves. We had about a minute and half to try each move several times before switching sides to get an even workout. The first spin was a little rough! But we quickly got the hang of it and had a blast try to add a little sassy after each move.

A few keys things we learned, have dry hands – no lotion before class! We worked up quite a sweat on our hands gripping the pole. Bring a small towel or use the studio’s paper towels to help wipe down the pole between moves. During class, our hands also started hurting. We quickly realized that we were gripping the pole too tight! Allow your grip to be a little loose, enough to hold you up but still able to swing around.

After practicing our spins, we jumped into a dance routine! We followed Kristen’s lead as we walked around the pole with our own sassy flare, threw in a few hair flips, back bends and our newly leaned spins to a few songs.

The best part about pole is making it your own. Get seductive, feel free and let loose! There’s no wrong way to strut your stuff!

Class Size: 14

Amenities: Cubbies, restroom

Equipment: Pole!

Boutique: Yes- tops and shorts

Cost: Single class $25, memberships start at $49/month

Target Areas: Arms, shoulders, abs





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