ZYN22 – Park Ln.

Location: The Shops at Park Lane, 8060 Park Ln B130, Dallas, TX 75231

“It takes 21 days to form a habit. Find out what happens on day 22.”

Regardless of the difficulty of this class, once you leave this studio, you’ll be wanting to find out what happens on day 22. Created by a partnership between a few of Fort Worth’s business tycoons, Zyn22 is definitely finding your own zen style with fitness routines.

By far one of our favorite of spin classes, this work out really transforms your body and mind to push yourself a little further. The studio alone is amazing, consider it the Disney ride of all work out classes. Not only is your first ride free, complementary spin shoes are provided for every ride as well as fresh lavender scented towels!

We love that every instructor is not only a trainer but a DJ too, strobe lights included! When you’re looking at the ride schedule make sure to check out the special themed rides, you may even encounter a trainer dressed as that celebrity. When booking your ride, we love that you get to choose the bike based on if you’re feeling like a front row bad ass or a backseat passenger, there’s gonna be a place for you!

Regardless of where you’re seated, you’ll quickly forget you’re in the Dome for 45 minutes. On the bright side, this class burns 600-900 calories and then keeps burning them after the class is over! How great is that!? During your ride, you’re not focusing on RBMs like other cycling studios. The goal is to keep up with the beat of the music and focus on your breathing. Your body’s got this!

Like all classes, you start with a warm-up to get those legs spinning and your heart racing! You’re quickly up and out of that seat, for most of the class. Keep pushing yourself to find a new ‘ceiling’ in each class. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can feel the beat of the music and get into the rhythm of each class. Around the middle of the workout, you’ll begin your climb. Turn that resistance knob up and feel the burn! Don’t worry, it goes by quickly before reaching for your weights and strengthening those arms and shoulders. The last song or two will cool you down to help find your zen and focus on the rest of your week before stretching it all out. If you don’t have time to stay for the stretch, you can make a quick exit while the other riders unclip. Caution – please make sure to stretch if you can’t stay… you will be sore the next day! 

As far as the intimidation level goes, this studio is filled with riders of all ages, fitness levels and experience levels. The instructors will even fill you in on the different options for a rider based on your experience. With that being said, who wouldn’t want to try this at least once, it’s free anyways.


Class size: 50

Amenities: Lockers, bathroom & showers, dressing stations

Equipment Used: Small weights, clip in shoes, bike

Boutique: Yes, Zyn22 merchandise and athlesiure brands, water bottles for purchase

Cost: First ride is FREE, Single rides $22, 22% off all memberships for new riders

Target Areas: Thighs, calves, arms, abs, seat

Difficulty: 🌟🌟🌟🌟



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