Olivia : Just Getting Started

The first three weeks into the new year was a little tough getting into routine. I was spent the first week at home with my family for the holidays, I went on a juice cleanse, then got the flu. I wasn’t able to make my goal of working out four times a week… yet!

Just a minor setback! I had started to eat healthier with cleaner meals and snacks during the juice cleanse, which was a good start. It helped me focus more on thinking about which foods or snacks I could eat. I never really thought of myself as the type of person that would go to the grocery store and pick up kale chips. Just didn’t think it was my taste! But I ate them during my cleanse and actually enjoyed them. During my juice cleanse, I had vendors bring in and take my coworkers out to lunch. I had to think about which foods were healthier and ways to order a meal that would be clean enough for me to be able to eat. It really helped me think about my habits and how I could easily make small changes to achieve my healthy eating goal.

I made it to a few workouts – the new barre3 in Richardson, Lync Cycling’s one year anniversary, and hot yoga with Gaia. I almost made it to my fourth workout but that’s when the flu started hitting me. I thought it would be best to sit that one out…

Now that I’m on the recovering side, I’m starting to get back into the mindset of working out and eating healthier. Although, I’m not going to push myself this week into getting my four workouts in so I can make sure I’m 100% better and over the flu. The only upside is that I lost 3 pounds! Ha ha! I’m going to stay positive, stay healthy, and start working on getting closer to reaching my goals.


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