Lync Cycling – Plano

Location: 5717 Legacy Drive, Suite 120A, Plano, Texas 75024

Happy Birthday Lync Plano! It wouldn’t be a party without friends, so we grabbed ours and hopped on a bike with the Energizer Bunny! (Also known as Kayla) Which at 9am, we were so happy her energy rubbed off on on us to help push us through the class. It may also help when you’re decked out in glow-in-the-dark bracelets to help feel like a party!

Lync Cycling symbolizes the special ‘link’ between the riders and instructors. Every instructor started out as a riders who loved their experience and the workout that trained to become a part of the Lync family. “We are all linked together, and the success of one is success for us all.”

We had a blast hanging out with Kalya and the rest of the Lync girls before class and checking out the new styles Lorna Jane brought in! They had sweet snacks and of course mimosas out to celebrate. We strapped on shoes and headed into the class.

Many spin classes are similar, but the routine, instructors and music is always different. Kayla’s bubbly excitement and great taste in music made one hell of a fantastic class! We started our 45-minute class with a warm up to get used to the bike and wake up our bodies. Lync’s workout is based on RPMs or revolutions per minute. The first half of the class is fast-paced, ranging from 80-130 RPMs, to help increase your heart rate and burn more calories. Each song has a different tempo to change up the routine. During these songs, Kalya altered our positions from sitting to standing for the whole song or changing every 4 or 2 counts. We also worked out our core with cycling push-ups and crunches.

Next comes the arms – hammer curls, shoulder presses and bicep curls! Always a tough part for us. Even with small weights, the reps while spinning can be challenging. After working up a sweat and blasting our arms, we were excited to move onto the cool down. Lowered lights, upbeat music… close your eyes and focus on yourself. Ride hard and remember why you came to class today. Let is all go! Everyone has a different reason for working out, so the cool down at the end of class is a great time to reflect on your goals and destress. Every class ends with a stretch. Make sure you drink plenty of water and stretch more after the class if you need to.

We had an incredible experience with Kayla! She had tons of energy and motivated the class to push themselves a little further and ride hard. We can’t wait to ride with her again!

*Special 2017 Offer!! Get one month unlimited for $20.17 until January 31st to use at either the Plano or Dallas location.


Class Size: 30

Amenities: Cubbies, restroom, water ($3)

Equipment: Bike, small weights, towel and shoes ($3)

Boutique: Yes- tops and yoga pants, hats, water bottles

Cost: First class free! $25 for a single class with packages starting at $100 and unlimited month for $175

Target Areas: Legs! and total body – core and arms




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