Barre3 – Richardson

Location: 1387 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75080

Barre3 is the best combination of some of our favorite workouts – ballet barre, pilates and yoga! With their new location now open in Richardson, we couldn’t help but join them in celebration to sweat it out at the barre.

These workouts are designed to build toned muscles, strengthening your core and long-term postural benefits. Each class is a full body workout using only low-impact movements. They have developed a signature 3-step sequence to produce a strong, lean, and balanced body.


Read more about each step here.

The grand opening of the new location was Monday, January 9th it is gorgeous! The studio is a large and welcoming space with the boutique and desk on the left and a childcare area to your right. Yes! They offer childcare while you’re taking a class! A variety of toys, tent and a tiny kitchen – so cute! The bathrooms also double as a changing room and have a full dry bar, just in case you need to touch up after class. The classroom is also huge! Each class can hold up to 30 students.

The most intimidating part of the class is finding your spot. There’s only one mirror wall, which is considered the “front” of the class. It may sound scary, but if it’s your first time we recommend grabbing a spot next to the mirror! It’s the perfect spot to double check your posture and movements to make sure you’re getting the best workout.

We started with a 10 minute warm-up – including stretches from yoga movements, lunges and tons of squats – before heading to the barre. Similar to other barre classes, we were up on our toes holding squats before adding small isometric movements. Quickly feeling the burn! If you have never been to a barre class, imagine this. You’re standing at the ballet barre on your tippy toes with you knees bent and moving up an inch and down an inch. Working both inner and outer thighs and calves. Your legs will start to shake! Push through it because it’s your body changing!

If you’re having a little difficulty with some of the exercises or not understanding the movement, the instructor is there to help! They will be able to help position your body or demonstrate for you. Or check out another student who looks like a pro! Each exercise is easy to catch on, but if it “isn’t your jam” there are several alterations the instructor can show you to make it better suit you.

Can’t forget your arms and abs! After spending some quality time at the barre, head back to the middle of the class for work out those arms. Several different exercises are done with the small weights to work all muscles in your arms. The smaller weights make all of the curls and extensions easier! After blasting your arms, grab a mat and the small core ball and head to the floor to finish strong. Some of the ab exercises include extended crunches with the ball and maybe adding some twists, hand-to-feet pass and bridges.

Cooling down and stretching is an important part of any workout! The last 10 minutes of class is all about the final stretch to make sure you’re not too sore the next day. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water after your barre3 class too!

We had an great and sweaty time with instructor Andrea! She was very welcoming when we entered the classroom and so friendly. She kept the entire class full of energy and motivated to hold those poses just a bit longer and challenge ourselves.

Congratulations on the grand opening barre3 and owner Angela! Thank you for hosting us and letting us shake and sweat it out with you! We can’t wait to be back.


Class Size: 25+

Amenities: Cubbies, restroom, water bottle station, childcare & dry bar

Equipment: Barefoot or sticky socks, small weights, ball, mat, towel

Boutique: Yes- tops and yoga pants

Cost: Single class for $23 and packages starting at $95! Childcare drop-ins or packages available too.

Target Areas: Total body – core, arms, legs!




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