Olivia : Cheers To 2017!

New Year, new me! Yeah, I know everyone is guilty of saying that. Right!? But hey, this time I mean it! (We’ve said this before, too!)

Over the past two or three years, after high school sports stopped and gaining college weight, I have been miserable. That’s also why Savannah and I started Socially Fit Dallas! We wanted to work out, try next experiences, and hold each other accountable for sticking with exercising to become healthier and happier with ourselves. (It may also be why we got the idea to post our personal journeys.)

Right now, I weigh around 140 and a size 6. It’s the heaviest I have ever been and I’m not exactly happy with the way I look in a bikini. My personal goal is to slim down and feel more comfortable with my body. It’s not all about loosing weigh and toning, although that would be great! This journey is also about me enjoying my own skin. With the pressure of a full-time job, gorgeous and tiny celebrities and models everywhere, and the joys of drinking on the weekends, it’s hard to achieve your goals. But I know it’s doable!

Changes don’t happen overnight. That’s what I keep having to tell myself. I need to take baby steps towards my goals to make sure I don’t get discouraged either. My focus is going to be towards working out three to four times a week, whether that’s classes or at home workouts, eating healthier and possibly skipping that nightly glass of wine.

My goal: I want to be a size 4 and tone my stomach, waist and thighs by June.

Six months. That sounds like a lot of time, but just thinking of all of the things happening between now and then… it will fly by! Spring break. Husband’s birthday. Husband’s graduation. Moving. All before our cruise in June!

My fears: getting discouraged, getting stressed out at work, laziness, and my huge sweet tooth.

Yes, two of those things are silly, but it’s also a concern! Sometimes I let them get the best of me. However, my goal is reasonable and achievable. So I’m staying positive!

Lots of love,


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