Dallas School of Burlesque : Chair Dance

Location: 2924 Main St #103, Dallas, TX 75226

What’s wrong with being confident? Grab your high heels, or go bare foot, and get seductive with the instructors at the Dallas School of Burlesque. Be ready to let loose and strut your stuff in their sexy classes.

We ditched our normal workouts for something a little different, and loved it! We will definitely be back to try their other classes and routines. As always, each instructor has different moves to show off!

*Pictures above courtesy of Dallas School of Burlesque

Heading into class, we didn’t quite know what to expect. Maybe we needed a shot before we stepped outside of our comfort zones! It ended up being great because our instructor, Olive Avira, encouraged everyone to flaunt it or as much as they were comfortable with.

The chair class made us a little nervous. We weren’t sure how the evening was going to go, but we pulled up our big girl pants and put on quite the show! The class started with a warm up to get our bodies loose before working the chair. Once we felt a little more flirty, we started to learn the routine. We learned 2-3 eight counts at a time, tried our moves to the music, and then put it altogether for our own little performance!

Don’t worry – it looks much harder than it was! We can’t wait to head back and learn a few new things.

Class Size: 6+

Amenities: Cubbies, restroom, two classrooms

Equipment: Depending on the class – chair, yoga mat, aerial silks, heels or bare feet

Boutique: Yes- tassels, gloves, boas, tops

Cost: First class free! Unlimited classes starting at $99/month

Target Areas: Total body



*Picture above courtesy of Dallas School of Burlesque



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