Outdoor Voices

Location: 4539 Travis St, Dallas, TX 75205

Grab a friend, pop some champagne and let’s try on some clothes! We partied with Outdoor Voices on the 17th and picked up some great last minute Christmas gifts, and maybe some things of ourselves! But how couldn’t we?

Outdoor Voices has gorgeous jewel-toned crop tops, jackets and leggings. Perfect necessity for any athleisure wardrobe! These pieces are more simple in design, but are comfortable and fit well for different body types.

OV has a variety of sports bras, but our favorite is the Athena! The crop top comes a little lower than your average crop/sports bra and has a deeper cut in the arms. This deeper cut helps with a larger range of movements in your arms and shoulders. Ideal for yoga, boxing and tennis. Athena comes in tri-color or solid, and has matching leggings.

Another one of our favorite bras is the Steeplechase. It looks more like an everyday, racer back bra, but made with textured compression material for those sweatier workouts. Ideal for running, hiking and spinning.

And who could forget that every top needs matching leggings? Whether you prefer 3/4 or full length, these leggings are comfortable! OV has compression, hi-sweat fabric and thermo tights. There’s one that fits your exercise! If you’re looking for something a little less tight, OV offers a variety of sweatpants or lounge pants. More loosing fitting but great for those lighter or colder workouts.

Don’t forget the men! There’s a large selection of short or long sleeve shirts, shorts, pants and jackets that are suited for every occasion. Lots to choose from!

Thank you so much, Outdoor Voices! We had such a great time and can’t wait to come back.



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