Title Boxing : Kickboxing – Central Forest

Location: 11613 N Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75243

We got up early and got our butts kicked at Title Boxing! Burning 500-1,000+ calories requires a lot of movements and a lot of fun!

After a long week at work, releasing some stress by throwing some punches feels great! Title Boxing‘s kickboxing class is focused around elevating your heart rate with classic boxing moves like jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, and of course, tons of kicks.

The 60-minute class starts with a 15-minute warm up to get your body moving! Followed by eight 3-minute rounds of combos. Never been to a boxing or kickboxing class? Don’t fret! These coaches will demo each combo first. They also walk around the gym to help with technique or walk you through the move. The last 15 minutes of class is reserved for strengthening and toning your core and cooling down. Prepare to be sore the next day!

Our first time was a little crazy! We had no idea what to expect or how challenging the workout would be. The warm up alone will get your heart racing and get your body loosened up for the rest of the workout, full of jumping jacks and squats. Don’t miss the warm up – you don’t want to be stiff when throwing punches! The hardest part is kicking. If you’ve never kicked the bag, maintaining your balance can be a little difficult. After a few times, it gets easier! Form is also an important part of the class. To protect yourself and to avoid bruises ask for help from the instructor. Throwing those punches, hooks and ‘bows can be a little easier. Just don’t forget to breathe!

The whole experience is intense and sweaty! But it’s a fantastic full body workout that helps with building muscle, developing a lean body, and improve your strength and power. If you’re wanting a little bit more – Title Boxing offers private classes or one-on-one technique training in the ring.

The key is repetition, repetition, repetition. Which is great! Because Title Boxing has great, friendly coaches who are all about building a relationship to help you achieve your goals.

Special thanks to instructor George Stallworth for helping pushing us through!


Class Size: 50

Amenities: Lockers, Restrooms & Water fountain

Equipment: Bag, medicine ball, glove and hand wraps

Boutique: Yes- apparel, glove and hand wraps sold

Cost: First class free! $25 for a single class and memberships start at $80/month

Target Areas: Total body



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