Booby Trap Bras

We’re going to get serious for a minute… This year, there have been numerous reports of robbery, harassment and a murder on jogging trails in Dallas. That’s just Katy Trail alone.

Getting your exercise outdoors should’t be something that’s scary or dangerous. Jennifer, the founder of Booby Trap Bras, agrees. After being attacker herself while out jogging, she decided that is was time to protect herself. Carrying a weapon or knife isn’t practical for all women. Jennifer sewed a small knife into the front of her sports bra to be easily accessible if she were to run into another altercation.

Most women are grabbed from behind and their first reaction is to guard their chest. The Booby Trap Bra makes it easy for women to quickly grab their small knife or mace hidden in their sports bras to react and get away.

These protective bras and made from a comfortable poly-spandex material. Starting at $49.99, women can purchase bras made to hold a small knife or mace, depending on their preference. Booby Trap Bras also sells arms sleeves for both men and women to conceal their small knife or mace.

The Booby Trap Bra is based in Austin, TX, but can be purchased online or at shows around Dallas – including the Farmers Market and the Boho Market. For more information about the products, you can reach out to the local area rep Sara at


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