Flywheel – Oak Lawn

Location: 4252 Oaklawn Avenue Dallas TX 75219

What’s so fly about Flywheel?

We hit up an amazing opportunity brought to us by Dallas’s newest social group, Circle Seven Five, and flew for free at Flywheel! Already established in the spin scene, we were SO eager to fly away with our class as we all embarked on this new fitness journey.

With only two studios in the great state of Texas, both being blessed to the DFW area, we tried out the Highland Park studio. Flywheel, provides your shoes, weights, towels, and bikes once checked in. Known for its flexible ride times, high-end technology and fly results, we hopped on for the flight of our lives.

Once in the stadium, your instructor walks you through the new technology. Each bike has its own monitor, notifying you of your resistance and RPMs. In front of you, an instructor on a bike and the TorqBoard, here’s where the competition begins. Between every song, riders can check their efforts based on the power being calculated on your monitor, and see where it lines up in the race against the other riders in the stadium. Guys on one side, Chicks on the other, check the TorqBoard to heat up the competition! If this isn’t enough technology for you, flyers can now download an app to keep track of their results from each ride and calculate their calories burned per class. WOW.

After 45 minutes and 500 calories gone, we mingled with our Circle Seven Five girls, sipped on some juice and shopped the super fly apparel. Thank you Flywheel & fellow C75 Party girls for an awesome time!

Class Size: 50+

Amenities: Lockers, Restrooms & Water Station

Equipment: Bike, Weighted sticks, clip- in shoes,

Boutique: Yes, Flywheel and other apparel sold

Cost: $25 per class or packages starting at $115

Target Areas: Abs, Arms, Seat, Legs



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