Title Nine Bra Fest

Alright ladies, have you ever had to endure a tough day due to a horrible bra? Unacceptable.

It’s even worse when it’s a sports bra. Luckily, Title Nine hosted their annual Bra Fest and we were able to find our perfect fit!

Not all bras are treated equally at Title Nine. The type of bra you need depends on your style of workout. For some of those lighter yoga days, you can wear a one barbell. If you’re really hitting the gym hard, you may need a four barbell.

/set_a/en_us/local/barbells/barbell1.gif         not a high impact bra, minimal support for a/b cups
/set_a/en_us/local/barbells/barbell2.gif         high impact for a/b, medium impact for c
/set_a/en_us/local/barbells/barbell3.gif         high impact for b/c, medium impact for d/dd
/set_a/en_us/local/barbells/barbell4.gif         high impact for c/d, medium impact for dd
/set_a/en_us/local/barbells/barbell5.gif      max support for d-ddd
/set_a/en_us/local/barbells/barbell6.gif    most support!

Title Nine’s sports bras are also based on your actual cup size, not small or large. Their bras also hook in the back just like your everyday bras! Many bras have great features – adjustable straps, thick lower bands, some with underwire.

The friendly women are there to help you find your best fit everyday. If you want to make sure you’re snug, they have a big ball to bounce on to check! We recommend it because it was hilarious! 

If you need to coordinate your new bra with a new outfit, don’t worry! They have a store full of leggings, tops, shoes and dresses. Basically everything head to toe. 

Title Nine also works with Free The Girls, a non-profit organization that works to provide jobs to survivors of sex trafficking in developing countries by helping them set up micro enterprises selling bras. Girls can donate their gently used bras at any location.

So grab a friend, grab a bra and find that perfect fit!



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