Lululemon Fall Collection Preview

When life hands you lemons, you pray that they’re lulu-lemons. Am I right?

In this case, life handed us lululemon and we prayed that we’d get to preview the fall collection AND WE DID! 

The Knox/Henderson location hosted a private event for valued customers on Tuesday evening. Around 7 pm, the First Fall Look party kicked off! The store provided sushi from Little Katana Uptown and Champagne, which were both perfect light bites while shopping. Also surrounded by Align Studio artwork from Gina Dunn, these paintings were one of a kind and even included a few Game of Throne puns. As we played name that character, we also shopped the newest of lululemon.

Trends by Lululemon you’ll find this Fall:
•Jewel tones especially Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst
•Mesh and ribbon details
•More function

The turn out was great! We wanted to give you an idea of what the event was like as well as my favorite pieces so we’ll link everything! Not to mention, I think I’ll be going back to buy this City Bound Long Sleeve in EVERY COLOR.




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