REVOLUTION Cycle Spotlight Party

We jumped on the bike and joined the GRIT fam for a fantastic evening! Walking into the Design District’s location always feels like being welcomed by family. Brit and the instructors always know everyone’s name, which really makes the whole experience great. It could just be us, but it always pushes us more during our workouts with friends by our side!

After choosing our bikes, we grabbed a bite with Krave Jerky. We may have snacked a little too much because of the large variety of tasty flavors! They range from traditional flavors to some a little more exotic, like Pineapple Orange and Black Cherry BBQ. Yes, they sound crazy but they were delicious! GRIT also had some samples of Dry Sparkling Vanilla Bean and Cucumber drinks to wash down all of the jerky. Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without some champagne, but we saved that for after the ride!

The other room had several other #GirlBosses selling gorgeous and easy to customize jewelry and those little gifts for the bedroom. They also displayed their limited time sports bra! All the instructors were “sporting” it during the night and it looked so comfortable. Make sure you grab yours before it’s too late!

For the main event, we headed into the dimly light studio filled with 30+ stationary bikes and strapped ourselves in, put on our glow bracelets, and peddled our hearts out! The Revolution class is focused around up-beat music and pushing yourself to reach the RPMs. Except to work out those legs during your ride with some time devoted to your upper body with the resistance band. Our neighbors really helped to keep us peddling with encouraging high-fives!

Thanks Brit and GRIT Fitness for a great night! 


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