New Activewear Store : Tory Sport

Who else loves the steady change of new stores popping up around town? Especially when they are stores that chose Dallas to be their second home!

This month, Dallas welcomed the very first of Tory Burch’s Activewear stores into our beloved North Park Mall. Located between Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms, across from Kate Spade. I know I may sound crazy by saying this but Tory Sport maybe one of the more reasonably priced high end activewear brands out there! With more pricier items as well, a pair of compression leggings will only set you back about $95.

This store makes finding the right clothes for the right occasion as easy as it could possibly get. Categorized into sections based on exercise: Tennis, Golf, Swim, Studio, Run and To & From. Tory Sport makes it easy to grab and go based on your activity! Another great fact we learned, Tory Sport isn’t just advanced in the fashion aspect but also advanced in the technology of sports wear. With it being one of the first fashion designers to have it’s own separate activewear line, Tory made sure the line was as functional for sweat as it is for fashion, making every piece extremely practical!


I tried everything on at least once! ha ha. But personally fell in love with all of the basics. Enthralled with the adorable tennis and golf lines, neither of them seemed functional for the activities that I actually partake in but the studio and To & From line were right up my alley. Most of the studio line is compression and sweat wicking and probably the softest materials you’ve ever felt in yoga clothes. While their To & From line consisted of pencil cut slacks in legging material and a matching blazer/hoodie as well as many other office appropriate dresses!

The Fall line is inspired by animal prints, the 70’s and deep hues of burgundy and Navy. Needless to say, this store is anything but average activewear but I think I’ll be coming back for more! And hopefully taking up some other sports so I have a reason to buy more clothes of course!! Drop by their store and check everything out, it will probably be the easiest shopping experience of your life, not to mention the store associates know exactly how to style you. Here are some highlights of the store and my favorites.



Love these basic compressions! Winner! Winner!




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