#BackToSweat Challenge

Hi Barre Babes, 

By now we’re a week and a half in but we wanted to recap with y’all on all the fun we’re having with The Barre Code Design District! First of all, we’ve never done a fitness challenge before and with a full schedule of events and work life we weren’t sure how this would work but not to toot our own horns but we’re doing pretty well. We were invited just like the rest of you, to take on three weeks of unlimited classes and a minimum of 18 classes in 21 days. Week One has been titled “Be Mindful Week“, with the idea that we need to mindful about our bodies and how we treat them! On great way to be mindful is by using a fitness tracker such as MisFit Wearables. Fitness trackers can help you keep better track of your goals and track your progress through work outs. With this awesome technology being out there, the average fit friend has so many options as to trackers. We’ll link some of our favorites and the ones we use below! Otherwise, here’s a brief look at our Week One from both of our points of view!

I was most worried about how I would get so many classes in with other activities and working 8:30 am to 5:30 pm everyday. Especially since I’m not much of a morning work out fan and like to sleep in as much as possible. I feel like most studios only offer a 5:30 am class or 5:30pm and beyond classes, so usually if I’ve got something going on after work, this type of schedule makes it hard for me to attend a class! The Barre Code Design District conquered all my fears! I was able to attend 6 out of 7 days this week! If there’s a time you need a class, there’s more than likely a class for you. I honestly prefer the 7 am Barre Code class over anything. Being mindful for me, also means making sure to grab a high protein breakfast to get myself through the rest of my day! I love Start Kitchen for this! (Order the bacon, egg & cheddar sandwich, substitute bacon for turkey bacon for free! I also took the HIIT class this week, it compliments the Barre class really well but requires ten times the energy!

Like Sav, I’m not much of a “morning person” but really enjoyed getting up bright and early and tucking it out with The Barre Code. It wasn’t easy, but I felt like I had a lot more energy throughout the day! Since I have issues with asthma, I need to be more mindful of my body and workout lighter than others to not have as much added stress. Although, the Barre class they offer is a great workout for me! It doesn’t require as much from me as cardio-intense classes do and I’m able to walk out feeling accomplished. Which is the best part! I was able to attend 4 out of days this week! I also attend a BarRestore class on Friday. The class is a condensed version of the barre class with a longer stretch at the end. Perfect for those who have tight muscles or new to working out or barre. It was a great way to start the weekend!

My MisFit Ray has been a huge help in making sure that I’m moving around enough each day as well. Special thanks to The Barre Code as I won it through their contest! The bracelet vibrates and flashes orange at me if I’m not moving around or active as I should be. The mobile app is very easy to read to show me how close I am to reaching my daily exercise goal and tracks my sleep. It’s easy to put around my wrist or ankle during these classes to track my movements!



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