BARRE22 Preview X Athleta

Have you heard of ZYN22? They offer a challenging indoor cycling class that mixes cardio and weight training to a fast-paced, upbeat music. Unlike most cycling classes, ZYN doesn’t focus on RPMs (revolutions per minute). They focus on the counts of the music and keeping up with the rhythm. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about!

We want to announce their new UPTOWN location off of Blackburn and Oak Lawn! And their new BARRE22 class! We attended a preview class on Sunday, September 18th and experienced quite the workout. It’s different than your typical barre class that you would think of, since this class didn’t use a bar! The class was focused on isometric movements using a strength training and resistance band.

The class is designed to strengthen and tone your arms, thighs and seat, with an added dance-ish routine at the end. Like other barre classes, the shakier you get the better results you can expect to see within a few months. Take it from trainer Cristin, “this shit works”!

During the warm up, we were already experiencing the burn! We moved onto the floor working out the thighs and seat in various poses including bridges, planks, mountain climbers, and squats. These were simple movements that really started to challenge our bodies. Next was arms. There were no weights being used, but do you think made it easy? No way! It was just as hard with the resistance bands. To finish the class, we had a dance-styled stretch to shake out those sore muscles.

It was a tough workout but we made it through! Thinking the classes may get easier after each session, we were told that may not always be the case. With hundreds of moves available for this workout, no two classes will ever be the same! Although we will definitely be going again!

The new location is opening soon! Pre-sale packages are already available here!


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