Classic Pilates – Turtle Creek

Good Morning Fit Friends, 

It’s safe to say we aren’t full time bloggers, yet. Recently, I’ve gone through the whole job change and I’m loving my new office. Unfortunately though, with a new job comes a new schedule and less work out motivation than usual. Anyone else feel this way too? 

This month, Bandier Dallas brought everyone an amazing opportunity to try a different class from Classic Pilates – Turtle Creek every Thursday evening of the month for FREE. With first come, first serve sign ups, you best believe this was some major motivations. Not to mention, I’ve always had amazing experiences at pilates studios. So I signed up for EVERY. SINGLE. THURSDAY!

Come to find out this studio is walking distance from my new office, a factor which equals even more major motivation and I’ve even been able to meet up with some of my new co-workers there! What I love most about Classic Pilates, is the environment. Forget those 25-30 member studios, each class at CP is between 4-10 members, giving everyone equal opportunity to have the instructors focus. Not to mention, I myself have some majorly tight hamstrings and can hardly call myself flexible, so the instructor is able to push my sketches a little further or modify the work out just for my comfort. CP also introduces private training to it’s members if you really need that one on one help of getting in the swing of things.

This studio is the least intimidating studio I’ve ever been to! The studio offers Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates and their own unique version of barre, Vbarre class. Also, soon to come, an Arial Pilates class for those feeling extra daring. This month we’ve focused on their mat & Vbarre classes. Mat Pilates consists of multiple exercises using your own muscle resistance on a mat. The exercises are low in cardio but are great for toning things up! You’ll become very familiar with resistance bands and what I like to call The Ring of Fire (pictured below). Over all this work out is core and booty intensive, which is amazingggg! Vbarre on the other hand, involves some cardio sessions in between resistance training. For cardio, you’ll get to skate across the sliding boards back and forth until…well it isn’t fun anymore! Bring socks, not sticky socks though or use a pair the studio provides. You’ll also incorporate the ballet barre for balance. Small weights are used for this class.

Needless to say, my motivation to workout problem has been solved! If you have this problem too, try looking for a studio as close as possible to your work place, it helps! Overall, this studio has a great relaxing vibe and the instructors are super helpful and encouraging to make sure you have the right form. CP is conveniently located right next to Arlington Hall and Lee Park with its own covered parking. Uptown, Oak Lawn, Turtle Creek peeps need to definitely try this place out! If you weren’t able to get into any of the Bandier classes, make sure you sign up for the last session at Bandier for the class & party at the end of this month, Thursday, September 29th at 6:30 pm! We can’t wait!

Location: 3303 Lee Parkway Suite 105 Dallas, TX 75219
Membership Price: First Class is FREE! Drop in class $18
Amenities: Cubbies and water fountain provided
Our Favorite Instructor: Lexi Hammonds



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