Fashion X Dallas 2016

When New York Fashion Week isn’t necessarily an option for you, Dallas brings us the next best thing!

Let’s take a moment to congratulate all of the talented designers that work so hard to inspire our outfit choices every morning. Without them, we’d all be the same, never being able to express ourselves. How boring would that be?!
I’ve always had a respect for fashion. At a young age, I thought I could also be one that could embrace this talent and design…something. I enjoyed drawing, sketching, being creative but I also enjoyed the finer things like browsing Neiman Marcus with my mom and grandmother. Growing up, I took many art classes at the local Houston Museums and art institutes. One day, a fashion design class came available and I said Mom, sign me up! I walked into the class with as much enthusiasm as a 12 year old girl can have and prepared to learn fashion design 101.
With many students having more enthusiasm as myself and portfolios full of sketches and fabric swatches, it became quickly apparent, this wasn’t fashion design for dummies and I was way over my head! Uhhh, mom can you come pick me up early…this isn’t for me. I never went back, but my appreciation for those that can design reached an all time high that day and has never gone down.

Often compared as a smaller and southern New York City, Dallas appreciates the same finer things in life at a smaller scale, Fashion X Dallas. For those of you wishing you could get your girl gang together like Carrie Bradshaw and sit front row of New York Fashion Week but don’t have the vacation time, connections or expenses. The Fashion Industry Gallery of Dallas and Cadillac brings the experience to you! With three nights of runways shows, each evening contains at least 10 local designers, a different local celebrity host, and ticket proceeds benefit a non-profit of the hosts choice.

Tickets were the price of any non-profit gala, making it semi-affordable and a choice of seating as well as the choice of VIP access as well. We chose 2nd row seats and VIP access which included a cute gift, early access and an open bar lounge (Thanks to Chloe Wine Collection, the bottles kept on poppin’ too). Not too shabby!
Saturday night, we tossed the tennis shoes and sports bras for the real stuff.  The host was Linda Gray, TV star of the show Dallas! Her choice of benefit was Assist the Office Foundation and even brought in our officers to honor. 10 local designers and their designs walked the catwalk while other designers displayed their best works for purchase in the gallery spaces. No design was alike, but we did see lots of high to low evening gowns, professional attire to take you from work to play, and resort wear. My personal favorite, the hand beaded gowns and cocktail dresses by Esé Azénabor!! I see a gala dress in my future. ha. A girl can only dream.

We weren’t the only ones trading in our activewear for the evening, while embracing the social scene we ran into Grit Fitness Studio Owner, Brittani Rettig! Dallas is a small world but it seems that when you categorize Dallas into fitness and fashion, the world gets event smaller. We enjoyed visiting with her about some exciting events this month in her studios like the Miami Nights: Complimentary Dance Club Cardio class (9/15) , Spotlight Revolution Party (9/30) , and her Healthy Happy Hour (9/23). What would the social scene be without some fitness friends? We’d rather not find out!
Overall, this was a great evening to get out of the house, experience something new and admire local talent. This will definitely be on my social calendar for next year!


Champagne by Chloe Wine Collection


Designer: Korto Momolu


Designer: Alantude


Designer: Bentley + Lace
Left to Right: Founder of Fashion X Dallas, Matt Swinney and TV Star, Linda Grayimg_5544img_5548img_5568img_5538

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