The Barre Code – Design District

Location: 1430 Dragon Street, Suite 25, Dallas, TX 75207 (located in Trinity Lofts)

This studio is quite the hidden gem! Be careful on your first visit – it can be a little hard to find if you’re not familiar with the area. Although, once you step in you’ll be happy you tracked them down!

The Barre Code in the Design District is a really awesome! The whole studio has a very urban, industrial feel which fits in perfect with the neighborhood. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by friendly staff who are more than happy to show you around. The front of the studio has a small area to grab your Barre Code swag, with a dressing room to make sure your new outfit fits! Down the hall, you’ll find lockers and a restroom.

Before heading into the studio, we checked out the “window” to check which supplies we needed for class! We tried our their original Barre Code class, because you know, that’s what they are known for! Their class is similar to other barre classes that offer a full-body workout that consists of isometric holds and heavy repetition, working muscles to fatigue to develop muscle stamina and endurance. But there’s one major difference – Master trainer Julie Matusz!

Don’t underestimate this girl! She may be short and incredibly sweet, but she will work you to a sweat! This barre class was not like the ones we have tried before. The moves were all ballet-based, but the motions and poses were different. It felt more difficult! Most moves were held for longer periods of time while pulsing, to dive deeper into the stretch and really challenge your body.

Most of the classroom walls were covered in mirrors, which made it easy for us to catch on to the poses. If you’re not catching on as quickly, don’t worry! Julie walked around the room to make adjustments to the poses. By the end of the workout, our legs with both super shaky! (Which is a good thing.)

During their birthday bash, we made friends with owner Lori Lesniewski. We greatly enjoyed this class and their BRAWL class. We can’t wait to join her and Julie again soon!

Amenities: Lockers

Equipment: Several types of weights, stability cushion, sticky socks

Boutique: Top and bottoms, hats, sticky socks, headbands

Cost: First class for $15 or single visit for $20, packages start at $50

Target Areas: Full-body!

Difficulty: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


*Photo credit to the Barre Code Design District (classroom and mantra)




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