Ballet Burn

The Barre scene has become a craze in the United States lately. With studios like Pure Barre and The Barre Code taking over to help women gain and maintain healthy lean muscles that in comparison to a ballerina, its no wonder we like it so much! Barre is a full body workout that helps to tone the target muscle areas of your body by exhausting those muscles with small repetitive movements.
Now if Barre is supposed to be the equivalent to a ballerinas workout, it made us question what this new Dallas studio’s class would be like with a motto like better than barre. 

Do you remember those recital days? I do. Many of us may have grown up with parents that insisted starting us in ballet classes or some other sort of dance class, but as we aged only few of us kept with it and kept dancing. Guilty as charged. Honestly, this studio makes me want to dig through some old photos.

Saturday was the Grand Opening of Ballet Burn, located at 6160 Sherry Lane, Suite 110
Dallas, TX 75225 within the same shopping area as Soul Cycle Preston Hollow. For its grand opening event, the studio offered two complimentary 45 minute classes to preview the workout. So what did we do? Signed up, Of course! With very eager instructors to greet everyone at the front door, they prepared us for the class lead by Owner Margot Martin. Cubbies were available for your loose items and tennis shoes were optional (the class contains many jumps that may not be suitable for your bare feet, personally bare feet didn’t effect my workout though).

Ballet Burn offers 4 different types of classes, the ballet burn, restorative yoga, a beginners adult ballet technique and an intermediate/advanced adult ballet technique. We tried the traditional ballet burn class and we were definitely feeling the burn! This class is cardio heavy with many repetitive hops, jumps, squats, and jogging in place to get your heart rate up. This is not a barre class! This is a fast paced ballet class for the average person that knows nothing about ballet. Many of the exercises are taught in ballet positions such as first, second and third while a graceful movement of arms are also encouraged. If you are as worried as most about the need for rhythm to dance, no worries this isn’t a dance class! This class helps you tone things up and get that heart pumping. It was challenging for the first time around but we were told this class and the sequence gets more familiar the more times you attend the class. Speaking up attendance, drop in classes are $25 while memberships range from $100 – $2,000. Fear not though, this studio is also available on Class Pass!



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