Ultimate Sweat Date X Lululemon

Eenie, meenie, minie, mo which work out will make me sweat fo-sho??? 

The answer to that question is simple. All of them but especially the walk in between studios!

The second question that comes to mind is: how much are 4 girls willing to endure for free lululemon tanks, 3 new studio work outs and brunch?

Answer: Beyond 500, Cross Fit Dallas Central & Core Power Yoga in less than 3 hours.

Pre Ultimate Sweat date, we rushed to the Lululemon store off Knox-Henderson to fill the first four of twenty-four spots. We were given many options of Swiftly Tech Racerbacks and a sweat kit comprised of capstick, sunscreen and gum. Huge Side Note: Lululemon Athletica’s Swiftly Tech Racerbacks are by far the most comfortable and sweat worth tops you can buy! With their variety of colors and year around wear, these tanks seriously make the best tanks for any work out combination. We were obviously able to make it through 3 sweaty work outs and brunch with them! I love that they are so simple and fit all body types as well. Then Saturday morning came, we grabbed our girl gang and headed to Beyond 500 off Henderson!

Beyond 500
As per our prior review of this studio, this work out was done is partners. For a short 25 minutes teams endured timed mat/pilate chair work outs and curved treadmill runs. The work out was overall painful, quick and jump started this sweat date better than the other studios could have. Want results, try a Beyond 500 class.

Cross Fit Dallas Central
Wide open and traditionally box-like, this cross fit studio is located at the end of the trendy boutique shops of Henderson. Almost hidden and often referred to as CFDC or the Field House, the owner of this brand have made their mark in multiple locations all over DFW. While cooling down from our previous work out and stroll down Henderson, we were introduced to our leaders. With the idea that everyone’s body is like a house, and every house has different projects to work on, it takes different tools to fix those projects. Which tools are you gonna pull out of the tool box? Weights, machines or yoga mats? CFDC wants to help you with your house project! Once more with partners, we competed in timed reps of Goblet Squats (w/ goblets ranging from 16-45 lbs) to help with posture and Burpee Push ups.

Core Power Yoga
Unintentionally turned HOT yoga, the Core Power studio off of Henderson is every yogis dream studio. The studio is beautiful and has everything anyone would want to see in a yoga studio with multiple classrooms. (Think Sex & The City episode where all the girls go to yoga class together) After two heavy duty work outs and ventures to each studio in the Dallas Summer heat, a quick yoga flow was exactly what we needed post work out and pre-brunch. It was a little sweaty, but completely worth it.

Then we brunched! 

24 of us gathered around a buffet of breakfast tacos, Chicken & Biscuits, and fresh fruit. Free mimosas too! High fives isn’t just the place to enjoy evening sips on the weekend but also brunch. We came, we wore lululemon, we sweated, and we brunched. We’re also keeping our eyes peeled for the next Lululemon Ultimate Sweat Date.


Photo Credit : Lululemon Athletica Dallas




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