The Barre Code : Brawl Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday to The Barre Code Design District!! Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you. We had such a great, sweaty time!

The Barre Code Design District celebrated their third birthday in style! Everyone met bright and early at 9am on the WET Deck at the W Hotel for a 50-minute Brawl class. Their Brawl class is an intense class that combines cardio kickboxing sequences with strengthening training – aka intense, sweaty, thigh-burning workout. It was hard “early” morning and with the summer heat. Although, you couldn’t beat the view and a great workout! Some of the regulars told us that it was a little easier with inside, but the best class to try!

  After class, we grabbed a delicious margarita and hung out with Vita Coco Coconut Water to try some scrubs and snag some coconut oil sample. Of course we had to take some goofy pictures with our favorite emoji faces! Coconut water may not always have the best taste, but it’s an amazing way to re-hydrate after a tough workout and has five essential nutrients to boost your body! Not to mention the added bonus of helping with weight loss and getting picture-perfect skin.

Bandier was also hanging out after the party with their fantastic clothes. Savannah couldn’t help herself get a new outfit! But let’s be honest – it wasn’t hard to talk her into it. They have a large variety of designer workout apparel perfect for everyone!

Check out The Barre Code, if you haven’t already, and try one of their eight classes focusing on cardio, strength training or restoration! Cheers to three years! We can’t wait to see you ladies again!


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