Bodybar Southlake X Bandier

We’ve jumped with Bodybar instructor Chardae but we hadn’t glided with her until we did it with Bandier too!

Short, sweet and to the point: this class has a lot to do with posture. Bandier partnered up with three different DFW Bodybar studios on different weekend to give us an opportunity to try out a typical reformer class! THREE.

With use of the same machinery as the previous Jump! class we took at Bodybar Southlake, except the foot board, this class was all over intensive. Chardae often spoke of holding princess crowns high on our heads. Posture related analogies were very encouraging after all we’re all fitness princesses at Bodybar.

But to be a princess, you must dress like one, which is why Bandier came to help us out! With 20% off all the pop up merchandise, Larabars to munch on and Tribal juice to sip on. We had it made. Thanks to this pop up, I’m officially a fan of With (Wear It To Heart), check out the exact pair of leggings I bought at here!


Another class in the bag, Thanks Bandier, The Knife Life & Body Bar Southlake! We’d love to hear about your experiencing at the other two classes!



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