Rise and Shine!

Set your alarms to hit the gym first thing in the morning! No, we’re not crazy! Morning workouts actually have many, many benefits to your health. Trust us, it’s hard to get up and push yourself to put on those yoga pants and sports bra to drive to a gym. We also know that we had a lot of fun joining Bandier at SoulCycle for a fun morning ride!

Here’s what you need to know about morning workouts. You can:

  1. Boost your metabolism! You can burn more calories throughout your day, even if you’re sitting at your desk or eating a big meal afterwards. This is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC.
  2. Improve your mental energy! Exercising first thing in the morning, or movement in general, can be as effective as a cup of coffee. It wakes up your mind and helps to improve your focus and energy.
  3. Long-term results! People who workout in the morning tend to be more consistent in exercising, even though it’s hard not to hit snooze on the alarm. Our bodies love routine and consistency will lead to faster results.
  4. Free up your schedule! Being social is a big part of everyone’s lives, humans crave social interactions. One of the biggest reasons people push off their workouts is because it conflicts with their schedules.
  5. Bragging rights! Duh! We’re always a little jealous of those ones who are “morning people” and so happy to be scratching things off their to-do list before 10 am. Why wouldn’t you want to brag about getting in a great workout and enjoying the natural benefits?
SoulCycle studio at Preston Hollow
Photo Cred: SoulCycle Preston Hollow

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