Go Hands Free With O.Venture

Happy Wednesday Y’all!
We’re guessing you have officially heard about our awesome party coming up and if you haven’t, please venture over to that page and RSVP now!

To kick off the party, we’re doing a giveaway with O-Ventures but first we want to tell you all about their products.

Here’s 10 reasons to go hands free with a Big O Key Ring and Ossential Card Case from O-Ventures:

1. No need carry a purse when you’ve got your keys and wallet already with you.
2. Use the Big O Key Ring as a bracelet.
3. No more hassle carrying your keys while taking a morning run.
4. No more fumbling for your keys, they are right on your arm.
5. Keys and Wallet aren’t an extra item to carry while hauling groceries inside.
6. Attach the Big O Key Ring to you purse strap for a night out for easy access to them.
7. Never lose your keys and wallet, they will always be on you.
8. Less to carry when attending fitness events!
9. They come in every color combination known to man kind.
10. We’re giving one away on our site right now!

For entry into the giveaway please follow @shopoventure and @sociallyfitdallas on Instagram ! The drawing will end August 12th at 5 pm!

Feature Image Photo Cred: StyleBlueprint
Photo Cred: O.Venture Instagram


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