Party Announcement!

We NEVER turn down a reason to throw a good PARTY!

 It’s been a little over three months from the day we opened our hearts and minds up to the idea of Socially Fit Dallas. Just as it was yesterday, we were on our way to a hot yoga class in Uptown. As we were walking to class, I remember contemplating to share this crazy idea with Olivia. Not as crazy of an idea as “hey! let’s dress up in cocktail dresses and ride bikes through Deep Ellum” though. Shout out to Local Hub Bicycle Company for accommodating our three outfit changes (Post about them coming soon).

Side note: Olivia was my Big Sister in our sorority in college. I used to drag her to all the crazy REC center classes at our college. If only I had pictures of these days… 

Among the parties and complete enjoyment for life, we both found fitness to be the glue that held things together, including our friendship. Life is busy, we both understand that! And with busy lives, whether throughout college or now as young professionals with careers, we push to be able to fit in our usual girl time (and fit into our favorite freshman yr. formal dresses). Making plans to try a new studio work out once or twice a week has been what works for us. “Olivia, Dallas has so many fashion bloggers, so many food critics, but only a handful of girls telling you really what to expect at a new studio.” Between the {two} of us we knew we could create this foundation and enjoy doing what we do every week after work anyways! May 12th, 2016, Socially Fit Dallas went live!

Since then, in such this short amount of time, we have had so much support from all of you! From every instructor, studio owner, or normal girl like us, we have appreciated every kind word, idea or willingness to work with us! Which is why we have decided it’s the perfect time to celebrate!! Drum roll please….


On the evening of Wednesday, August 31st from 6-8 pm, we are throwing a party just for y’all! In the midst of all things beautiful, we will be celebrating at Bandier in Highland Park Village. With music, sips from I Am The Juice Place, bites from Hail Merry & more, we are rockin’ & rollin’! First 30 guests will even be receiving party favors, so get there early! Did we mention 15% off of all Bandier merchandise too?! Shop, dance, eat and drink with us on this night.

There’s more:
Of course there’s more! We are asking our guests to please bring with them a toy or piece of sports equipment as a donation to Rays of Light Dallas. This is such a loving non profit organization that seeks to give special children special attention. They understand special needs children need more attention than just a class in school and deserve to be social just like the rest of us! By offering parents of these children, opportunities to socialize their children (child and siblings) in fun programs with other children like themselves. They even receive one on one volunteer attention! Most importantly, everyone deserves a party every now and then. Rays of Light Dallas provides these special children with Birthday Parties! Due to the fact that many of these families come from lower incomes, the toys and sporting items you donate will provide many of these parents gifts for their special child. These donations will also go towards maintaining the play areas for this program.

Wanna party? – Olivia

Here’s the catch: 
When you give us a toy, we’ll give you back a raffle ticket for entry into one of our awesome raffle prizes! It’s a win-win situation. 

Last but not least, we hope to see everyone there! We are so thankful for each of you. This is only the beginning, so let’s make it great!! Please RSVP at ! We want to officially invite you via invitation. Fancy, insert hair flipping emoji. Or you can visit our event page.


Ditch the heels.


Yep. We’re having a party!



Poppin’ Bottles.
A little party never killed nobody.



Shh. Don’t tell Kelsey.


All photo credit goes to our friend, the lovely Kelsey Ticknor.

Special thanks for helping us make this evening great:  Local Hub Bicycle Company, Hail Merry, I Am The Juice Place, Bandier, Sol & Selene, Gymtote, The Wild Arrow Fitness Mats, City Surf Fitness, The CryoZone, Wheat and Honey Co., Bistro & Lounge 31, and many others.

 See y’all soon, 

Savannah & Olivia 


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