Flexin’ Flow on the WET Deck

Being that Sunday mornings are for sleeping in and brunching, Saturday mornings are meant for productivity before noon. At least we like to think so!

That’s why we woke up, made it to a 7:30 am Soul Cycle class then decided to stretch it out at 9 am with Grit Fitness at the W Hotel’s WET Deck.

All throughout the summer months, Grit Fitness has been hosting this event. A mix between Yoga and Pilates, this was more than a stretch for us! We enjoyed a great view off the 16th floor of the W Hotel Dallas while still being pool side. Actually the view was more than just great…


But so was the work out! Shout out to Grit Fitness instructor Maria for leading us through the exercises. Great Job! The work out was relaxing with a side of repetition. She flowed with us through many yoga positions that would accommodate even the newest of yogis. With the flow came plenty of flexing as well. Exercises to embrace upper body, core and lower body muscles were included.

This free event is definitely something no one should miss out on, especially since there is something for everyone! Flexin’ Flow is also available to take at either of the Grit Studios on a weekly basis. We love all of the Grit sponsored events and are looking forward to more of the Summer Series this weekend. And make sure to check out more summer events hosted at the W Hotel!



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