Dine For Dallas Blue

It was a normal day like any other. 
Woke up, drove to work, did some work, went to a new work out class and called my parents to make plans with them during their visit to North Texas. I remember grabbing dinner and heading home to my dog. As normal as ever, that evening my phone began to blow up with phone calls and texts from loved ones in hopes I was alright. I hadn’t even turned on the news to know why they were so concerned. But then I did…
The evening of Thursday, July 7th, wasn’t a normal day for anyone anymore. Many Dallas citizens had a hard time sleeping through the night regardless of knowing the immediate men, women and families that we would soon find out were effected by the occurrence. A week later, our city is still grieving and rightfully so!
I just don’t get it. 
We live in a place where we have the freedom of free speech. We can say whatever we want, to whomever we want, whenever we want. With freedom such as this, what possibly more can you ask for or take advantage of? We are SO free, that even when our opinions and beliefs could offend those around us that care about us the most, it still doesn’t matter! The men and women that were protesting Thursday evening were still protected and cared for by our Dallas Police Department regardless of their beliefs. If that doesn’t reflect love, I’m not sure what does. Our police department loves us so much, it doesn’t matter race, religion, opinions, beliefs, they will protect, care and fight for our lives anyways!

But let’s face it, yes cops are scary.
I’m 23 and have had my fair share of speeding/parking tickets. I have a lead foot (probably get that from my father. ha.) so naturally, I cringe at the sight of a police car pulling up near me as  I’m driving along. I cringe because I know I’m doing something wrong not because I’m doing something right. But, if I’m speeding, I know what I deserve and that’s that. These people are only doing there jobs and for a low price might I add. It’s funny though, most people when asked why they hate officers, say “Well when I was 17 I got a traffic ticket from one“. Now you’re 35 and you still hate them? Worst part is, police officers get hated as a whole, never as an individual. {One} cop gives a ticket that spurs hatred and now all officers are hated, not just that one that gave you the ticket. These men & women wake up every day just like us, get ready for work just like us, and have families just like us, one thing is different though. They have to wake up every morning and work to protect people that are holding grudges against them from their high school days!! They risk their lives every single day for those of us that will probably never have the chance to say a simple Thank you.

Hello, reservation for 4 at 8 PM.
Thursday, July 14th, our community gathered together to say Thank You. With the help of New Uptown Restaurant and Bar, Dos Jefes owners, Joseph Palladino & Nate Paul, Dallas residents of all kinds, were able to show their support for the tragedies our city has faced in the last week. Raising $280,000 in charitable donations, in one evening within a week of planning has to be a record! Auction items such as dinner for 4 at Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse with former Cowboy Darren Woodson and a golf trip with Deron Williams at Cowboys Golf Club were only a few that sparked the interest of the eager to give donors. Celebrity appearances were made as well. 100% of the proceeds from the auctions, meals, t shirts, and drinks were given to the local Guns & Hoses foundation which will go towards helping those families that lost loved one fighting for our city.
The giving doesn’t stop there.
For the rest of the month, Dos Jefes will be providing a special menu for those that request it. All proceeds received from these menu items will be given to Guns & Hoses as well. That’s 100%!! Drop by Dos Jefes, Thursday through Sunday for Dinner, Brunch or Drinks! You won’t regret it.



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