Bryan & Dr. Bruce Saturday Morning Bootcamp

Good Morning Dallas,

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer despite the humidity, we’re still a little confused why Dallas wants to act like it’s Houston. Oh well.

{One} of the many things we take pride in as Socially Fit Bloggers, is our ability to help our readers find free opportunities to make fitness fun! Whether you’re in college or a young professional, we understand paying for someone to yell at you while doing 50 push ups isn’t always where we want/need to spend our money. Let’s face it, we’d much rather be spending our money on the shopping, eating and nightlife this city has to offer!

Staying healthy and fit is still just as important, and we found one way that you don’t have to put your body on the back burner! Caution: If your body has been on the back burner for awhile, take this class at your own pace! Don’t feel like you have to get through the entire experience, trust us, we’re not embarrassed to say we didn’t.

What is this opportunity you ask?
Bryan & Dr. Bruce’s Saturday Morning Bootcamp at Klyde Warren Park. This class is completely free, just show up. It is hosted every Saturday morning at 9 am in the middle of the park.

The class is exactly what you think it is! A bootcamp. You will be doing multiple reps of push ups, crunches, planks, lunges, jumping jacks while also including the occasional sprints across the entire park yard. Oh did we mention, bear crawls across the yard too? yeaaa.

Bring your yoga mat and plenty of water, this class gets hot and sweaty real quick! If you have grass allergies, wear pants…this is a word to the wise since we learned the hard way. Throughout this activity, trainers Bryan and Bruce will switch off leading different activities and offering strong words of encouragement to everyone. Make sure to give the person next to you a high five for accomplishing such tasks!

As a whole, this class is filled with every type of person. Young, Old, Fit, or not, we honestly believe the class isn’t meant to be easy and possibly not fully accomplish-able the first time around! Work at your own pace, its certainly not a competition. It’s a class that offers fitness growth, in that the first time you may only make it through 45 minutes of the class but after a few tries you can finish the entire 60 minute course. Its a marathon, not a sprint.



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