Body Bar : Reformer Jump – Southlake

Jump! Jump!
The Body Bar will make ya Jump! Jump!
The Reformer will make ya Jump! Jump!
Chardae will make ya Jump! Jump!

To beat the heat of the summer sun, we decided to stop by and try a Pilates class new and true to the DFW area. With locations in Uptown, Plano, Southlake and soon coming to Fort Worth, we headed to the Southlake studio to visit with one of our now favorite instructors and fellow fitness blogger of The Knife Life, Chardae Davis. 

Pause for a quick interruption*


Everyone needs to follow, like, read, tweet, click, etc. The Knife Life. This girl’s posts are so real and so full of life but, so is Chardae. We were lucky enough to meet this girl on our way out of our first ever Circle Seven Five meeting. Conversation may have included the topic of Lululemon Wunder Under Leggings, different fitness studios and how having boyfriends who like to cook is always a plus. You can expect the same things from her blog, with a health and fitness perspective. She’s definitely socially  fit in our book!

Back to reality…

We arrived at Bodybar Southlake. The studio is crisp and relaxing despite the crazy awesome intimidating machines, known as reformers. Being one of our first times using a reformer, everything was unexpected. Chardae took care of that intimidation. After slipping on our sticky socks and grabbing water, we got down to the basics. Chardae gave us the low down on what each spring and strap was used for. Being that we signed up for a Reformer Jump! class, there was a small adjustment to the class than a regular reformer class.

Let’s talk about calves, let’s talk about thighs, let’s talk about booty! Better yet, let’s quit talking and get right down to them with Bodybar Reformer Jump! With 9 nine different reformer classes offered, this studio takes over the DFW Pilates scene and mixes it up so you never have to take the same class twice in one week! Crazy amazing. Jump! required, a special foot board that is attached at the end of each reformer. Exercises consisted of pushing off the board, as if you were jumping while laying down. We did this in multiple patterns until we eventually felt like frogs.

Once the lower half of us was toasty, we did multiple upper exercises on the machine as well as abdominal work outs. Finished off with some stretches off the machine and onto a yoga mat. Needless to say we were sore the next morning. #SoreTodayStrongTomorrow

Now that we’re more familiar with the reformer, its honestly right up there with spin and barre classes as far as favorites go. Then again, what are we saying? We don’t pick favorites. duh. But, if we had to…Bodybar is definitely up there.

If you’re looking to perfect your Pilates work out or event become less of a reformer virgin, visit BodyBar and request Chardae. Ultimately, the class is slower paced but works all muscles, even the ones you didn’t know you had. Bodybar has a lot of fun events planned for this month, make sure to check out our calendar for more information!!!

Class size: 10-20
Price: $18 – first time client , $30 – single class, $125-450 packages
Boutique: yes
Amenities: cubbies , restrooms, water for sale
Equipment: reformer machine and yoga mat
Areas worked: full body
Difficulty: 🌟🌟🌟🌟



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