City Surf Fitness – Uptown

Location: Uptown, 2805 Allen St Ste. 113, Dallas, TX 75204

Hang ten. And by that we mean, hold on because this review is a little choppy. One of the many great things about having a two blogger collaboration is that you get a review from two completely different people whether we agree or disagree. So here we go…

Facts: City Surf was first establish by two of our very own Dallas residents! This studio has multiple locations, even outside of Texas. The studio provides a full body work out experience with surf-inspired moves.

If you like feeling like you’re the balancing act of a three ring circus, this is the class for you! Don’t get me wrong, this class works your body, but personally the fear of falling off the board and twisting my ankle was greater priority to me than working on my summer bod. On top of that, I felt a lack of personal space and felt sorry for the man standing next to me since I probably got up in his board space a little too often as well. Personally, I need a workout with loud music, an instructor helping and encouraging me. This wasn’t it for me. – Savannah

On the other hand, I love this workout! I feel completely broken out of my comfort zone while totally zen at the same time, as I channel my inner California. It can be a little difficult if balancing isn’t your thing! But the less you focus on it, the easier it becomes. It’s definitely a FULL body workout. The class focuses on core strength with balancing while incorporating squats and arms with the sand bag (off the board). If you’re open to trying something new, check it out! – Olivia

Class size: 12

Amenities: Cubbies, Bathroom

Equipment Used: 10lb sand bag & surf board

Boutique: Yes, City Surf merchandise and water bottles

Cost: $25 single class or membership rates of $99+

Target Areas: abs, arms, back, legs and seat

Difficulty: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


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